Creation of an Angel (Creación de un Ángel)

              In the “Creation of an Angel” video, I was trying to experiment with several different techniques and new toys (camera equipment).  The idea of creating the flashes through out the clip actually came from watching the movie, “Fight Club”, however.  I wanted to do something different, which was to create one image out of several different moving images. The one image is meant to represent our struggles of sinning and forgiveness, our struggles of trying to live good lives, while fighting temptations that hurt our souls. When creating the video, the sound was the first in development before everything else. Good video, is made better with good sounds. When thinking of the sound, I wanted something continuos that was spooky and mysterious at the same time. I believe that the constant humming of sound is what makes the viewer curious on what will happen next and keeps them watching.

En el video, “Creación de un ángel”, yo estaba tratando de experimentar con diferentes técnicas y juguetes nuevos (equipo de cámara). La idea de la creación de los destellos durante todo el clip salió después de ver la película, “Fight Club”, sin embargo. Yo quería hacer algo diferente, crear una imagen dentro de varias imágenes en movimiento. La imagen representa nuestras luchas de pecar y el perdón, nuestra lucha de tratar de vivir una vida buena, mientras luchamos contra las tentaciones que dañan nuestras almas. Al crear el vídeo, el sonido fue lo primero en el desarrollo antes de todo lo demás. Buen video, se hace mejor con un buen sonido. Al pensar en el sonido, yo quería algo que fuera constante espeluznante y misterioso al mismo tiempo. Creo que el zumbido constante del sonido es lo que hace que el espectador permanezca con curiosidad  sobre lo que va a suceder y los mantiene mirando.

I’m not a writer

I don’t know why, but today I just felt like writing. It’s not in me to wake up one morning and decide to write, or to just write at all.  I’m not a writer. I’ve tried it before, I failed and moved on, however. Something deep inside me urges me to keep trying to write, just speak my mind (which is often blank), it’s a little confusing. I’ve seen some of my other friends post multiple blogs and often ask myself, “what is the point?” They write about politics, jokes, sex, life, but why write? Wouldn’t it be easier to just make a quick video on your views and ideas.

Writing is boring! You first have to come up with something you’re going to write about. Then carefully decide the words to use to make up the sentences that will clearly illustrate your point. That right there sounds exhausting. Then you have to carefully write without misspelling words or using incorrect grammar, because  you don’t want to sound like a dumb ass. Honestly, who does? I’m sure by now, I  sound like a dumb ass, but I WANT TO WRITE!

Can’t explain why, but the feeling of my fingers tips clashing against the keyboard, creating words, ideas, thoughts, is exciting. It’s a different form of art that I feel I must master. Just like photography, and videography, I want to make writing my bitch. So from now on I will post blogs, don’t know about what, but I’m sure something will come up. I know I’m not a writer…well, not yet.